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Grade Engraving

Greyscale engraving on the laser is achieved by cutting the darker areas for longer, or more densely or with more power. This opens up the potential for engraving height maps, where we intentionally make some bits higher than others. The whole engrave gains a 3D effect which could be used for all sorts of interesting pieces. Here are some examples I cut last night.

Project #5 130 Photo Frames

I've made several references to these already so I'm pleased that they're finally done (the wedding is next week). The frames are made from 3mm Spruce and the Koru swirls made 1.5mm Walnut. 130 frames in total have easily taken 30 hours over the last 2 weeks. They look good though and I'm sure they will be appreciated. ( svg here ) 5 Items /5 Weeks