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Laser Cooling

Now that my laser cutter is 3x larger than the old one, that means it's cutting 3x longer and I'm also doing more complicated and intricate designs the laser definitely heats up to a point where I worry about how hot it is. Air based coolers range in price but the first actual chiller costs £400. By using water cooling parts from a PC I was able to knock together an air based cooler for £30. I'm still in the testing phase to see what difference it makes but it's a small investment compared to the £400 required for a proper chiller.

Lizard Spiral kit (one offs) & Tidying

I was asked if I would produce a set of lizards for the spiral pattern and ship it out as a kit of pieces. I did just that and now I have 2 sets of tiles left over, I don't have much time to assemble these into full spirals at the moment so if you would like your own challenge then drop me a line and I'll send one out to you (sadly no discount on the assembled price). In other news I did some tidying in the garage and I bodged together a wire rack for the different rolls of wire I now have. Simple really but feels like a proper workshop out there now.

Project #9 Dog Loose in Garden

Christmas was busy so I missed the an item (or two). My Gran and great Aunts both have dogs that run round their gardens and some pretty standard shop bought signs on their gates. These replacements signs are made with Obeche and Spruce wood, switching the cutouts between the two signs allowed them both to be different (but still the same, they live next to each other). The cutouts were raised with 1.5mm of laser ply and the whole thing given a through coat of varnish. ( svg here ) 9 Items /13 Weeks