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Egg shaped bowl

There's a lot of egg related stuff at the moment, I meant to make these layered bowls ages ago. You simply start with the base shape and then add rings around the outside until it reaches the desired height. I chose 15mm per ring, and the material is 2.7mm thick so 15 concentric rings provided a decent sized bowl. The bowl is made up from 2 layers with even layers all being concentric and odd layers all being concentric. I drew the maker lines into the middle so I knew how to line the layers up. Once it was all glued together it became surprisingly sturdy. if I was doing more of these I would definitely investigate ways to make the bowl more curvy, perhaps slicing them with slic3r, but for now these are pretty cool. ( svg here )

Perfectly boiled eggs!

I used up my laser engraved eggs by having scrambled eggs for breakfast, but I noticed that in the places I'd engraved upon the surfaces the eggs had actually started to cook on the inside. This got me thinking, if I engraved the whole surface of the eggs then I would have a lovely boiled egg instead. I drew up a simple spiral pattern for maximum area coverage and set the laser slow and powerful (2mm/s, maximum power), I turned the egg at the end of every cut to cook the next part. It's not enough to cut through the egg but it certainly did a good job of heating up the innards. Like all laser cut foodstuffs it's a pretty stinky process but it did leave me with a yummy egg afterwards.

Beautiful Layered Wood

Colin from Liotta Design  contacted me after seeing the spiral line drawings , he thought I'd be interested in some of his designs and they are truly wonderful. Obviously I couldn't help but try one out for myself but it's not a patch on his designs. Mine was made with 2mm ply, oak and mahogany, for something technically delicate it feels very chunky. I'm definitely going to be following his stuff from now on, very inspirational.  


It's still Easter and I've seen a few laser cut eggs in various places online so I thought I would give ti a try too. I put the egg on a plate under the laser and held it down with some blue tack. Engraving is not so good, it's hard to mark it the right amount so the rest of these images were done with low power cut lines.  Kim wanted a Good/Bad Egg and while I'm marking up tomorrows breakfast I should probably give Kim what she wanted :) They look pretty in the egg bowl and I'm sure the kids will love them in the morning.

Happy Chocolate Day

Since it's Easter and there is an excess of chocolate I thought I should laser cut some for you :) The background swirls we made by 'smoothing' the chocolate on a warm plate, it's interesting to see the swirls showing up in the engraved areas. All the items were engraved then outlined, as we proved today in the hackspace, you can't really cut chocolate you can only make a melty mess that fills itself in again.