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To Do List

Great if you're trying to get prepared for the new year, a peg for each day of the week where you can hold the things you need to do.

Pentominos 2

Here are the rest of the animals and the tray that I made to store all the pieces. Apparently there are 1200+ solutions to this puzzle but I only ever found the one below. (svg here)

Pentominos 1

This is a recreation of one of the first puzzles my uncle made for me, as he was coming over for Christmas I decided to remake it and return the favour. I found the basic files on Thingiverse but it took time to convert the angular animals in those files over to rounded ones for this puzzle, hence the split post. I will put the new files back on Thingiverse

Fancy Snowflake 2

The second fancy snowflake and the final one for this year.

Fancy Snowflake 1

I wanted to add a bit more class to the snowflakes so I made a few with some very fine details. These were for Kim as a Christmas present.

Reindeer Decorations

A set of 5 reindeer made as a Christmas present.

Merry Christmas

Just a silly little item for Christmas day, should anyone be checking. Spray painted gold and with hanging hooks for decoration purposes or suitable for Elizabeth Duke.
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great day and I hope to see you all in the new year.