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Tonight was a bit of a crazy one. I built an item yesterday but forgot to take photos before giving it away. I had 2 items lined up to cut but spent several hours trying to get the designs working on the laser software. One didn't get cut and the other worked but it didn't assemble as well as I hoped so will try again tomorrow. So instead I ended up doing this D20 from scratch in the last 20 minutes. It's grubby and glue coated and could be done so much better but it is laser cut and that's what counts for now.

Edit: I totally forgot to include the link, someone should nudge me.

Laser Gear Heart

I've been selling paper gear heart patterns on-line for some time now. I remember with my paper gear heart it took forever to cut and score all the so, hassled by a friend, I converted the trial pattern into something that could be laser cut. It reminded me though why I never want to spend the time glueing another set of paper gears. (svg here)

Tile box

Now that I have a nice set of tiles I'm going to need somewhere to store them, so I used pepakura to create a simple box for me which I then cut out on the laser.


I have spent a bit of time recently working on and perfecting a tile game design. Now it has been thoroughly play tested I feel happy to release it to the general public.

The game is available for free as a pdf download

Please feel free to donate if you like the game.

After a few games using the paper tiles we quickly got annoyed with the way the tiles moved around so I set about creating a full tile set that I could laser cut, I used veneer to create the paths in the tiles and cut some nice tokens.

Car phone holder

My car holder broke a while back, it was cheap and nasty and failed because one of the central parts snapped under normal strain. I decided I was going to make something sturdier this time around and it actually came out to be cheaper too. I started with a mini dent puller that would give me decent suction to the screen, canabalised a section of a section snake light (both bought from the pound store) and laser cut a frame to hold my phone. The parts were lashed together and glued and the final item works really well.