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If the Snijlab living hinge design is going to be called the sninge then the MSRaynsford hinge design can be called the Minge, oh no, wait a minute.... The useless boxes used folded card as a hinge and I figured there had to be a better option. By turning the fingers of wood through 90 degrees I can get parts that are rounded in the right plane. Each finger had to be etched on the overlap so that they can wedge into the sheet but still move freely where they overlap. The fingers are then all pinned to allow the hinge to rotate. ( svg here ) 286/303

Rounded Living Hinge

I've not seen a living hinge with rounded edges yet so I made one ( svg here ) 285/302


A while back I made some cardboard boxes , that project is still in the works but here is the next part of it. A hopper to hold the boxes in a stack 284/301

Lizard Spiral

The Escher Lizard spiral is now available for purchase, this 400 piece item comes ready assembled and attached to a sheet holding all the lizards in place. This item varies slightly with the 3 different colours, red, white or brown lizards being outmost. ( svg here ) 283/301