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Candle Wick holders

I had a request for some candle wick holders. That person makes candles in old charity shop mugs and glasses and apparently lolly pop sticks just weren't cutting it any more. So I knocked these up from the thin scraps left after cutting most of my kits. The zig zag bottom should help hold the thing in place and there is a V shaped notch which the wick can be wedged into so no more need to tie them off.

Knuff stuff

Here is a new and updated version of this project now available with files that actually work I wanted some magazine racks to tidy up some stuff in the garage. I like the Ikea Knuff  but Ikea is an hours drive away (in one of 3 different directions, it's like the epicentre of non ikeaness here). The other trouble with the Ikea Knuffs is that the two files are slightly different sizes which is not good for my OCD. Anyway, I have a laser in the garage and every problem looks like it can be solved with a laser so I drew up my own Knuff equivalent and cut a few of those instead. Sure they cost me £6 for a pair due to material costs and that ignores cutting times and drawing costs but I now have Knuff in my possession and by the end of the day. Knuff said.

Heredox 50

I had a request to make a custom version of Heredox , but not just with different symbols, this variant has 50 tiles instead of 16, different tiles and tile distribution. Thankfully Alexander did all his own number crunching to work out which tiles he wanted, I just modified the existing tile set to match. I've played both tile sets now and it's a close run thing but I prefer the original set (I'm sure the Heredox creator will be pleased to hear). The 50 tile game lasts a bit longer, this gives you more time to figure out interesting arrangements and blocking moves, but there is a chance that you can draw a tile without any of your own symbols on it so you're forced into making blocking moves. There is even one tile without any symbols on it which feels like a big waste. In fact, 11 out of 50 tiles do not contain your symbol so in an typical game you'll feel like you're wasting 5 of your 25 moves (you only draw half the tiles) In the standard 16 ti