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Hospital Runes

Another year   on and I got to make the rune tags for the LRP Hospital again. I like to bring a little variation to the design so this year I gave it some shape as well as the year number.

Quick Stencils

I believe these stencils were used to airbrush the logo on cub scout blankets. Given that there are lots of cubs and these stencils wouldn't be needed for more than a weekend it made sense to knock up a dozen from thin card instead of mylar.

Large Tape Dispenser

At the time of writing my Kickstarter campaign has nearly 200 backers which means I need to make about 500 puzzles in June. With those kinds of orders it's worth making some jigs to help speed the process up. First thing for me was this large tape dispenser. Each puzzle gets a covering of vinyl transfer tape to protect it during transit but also to hold all the pieces in place. The roll is 200mm wide and 100m long so it needed something a bit more sturdy than the average tape dispenser. M8 bolts and bearings were salvaged from a very old CNC machine I built (before I bought a laser cutter). It's overkill but at least it's effective.

Terdragon curve puzzle

My kickstarter campaign received a very welcome boost yesterday when it was reviewed by Mr Puzzle on you tube . I now have twice as many backers as I did yesterday which is a great boost for me. This also led to a discussion about other space filling curves and ultimately a new puzzle for the collection in the form of the Terdragon curve. I will release this file in due course but it seems only fair to keep it as a kickstarter exclusive for now.