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Past the watershed

When we first moved in last week there was an aging shed just outside the garage which was well placed to hold all of the garden equipment and to free up room in the new workshop. The roof was a bit knackered and it was a bit rotten inside but it would have been ok for a few weeks.   It rained all of the moving day and in some way that was actually a good thing. The water was running off the back of the shed and onto the wall of the garage. On the moving day it was so bad that the inside of the garage was actually wet (wish I had taken a photo). The shed must have been like this for years and the rain run off has soaked through the brick work making this whole wall damp. We took the shed down two days after we moved it, all the inherited junk from inside the shed is also now wedged inside the garage. There's three different types of flooring, a million ceramic tiles and twenty large cans of trade paint, some of the colours clearly from the last time round. A week later, exposed to