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4 leaf 3 circuit labyrinth

The same pattern but with more swirls on each leaf, this time I left the infill wood too.

4 Leaf Labyrinth

I messed around with the basic key matching up different pairs and rotating each side through 90 degrees and I came up with this pleasing pattern. 212/250

2 Leaf, 3 circuit labyrinth

Instead of taking all the paths over the top I let the bottom half loop under the labyrinth which created a funky 2 leaf pattern. I also like the delicate nature of the labyrinth walls. 211/249

Chartres Labyrinth 2

I tried a variation on the Chartres labyrinth but I forgot to add start and end points. Reminds me a little bit of the drum brakes in a car (weird I know)

Chartres Labyrinth

The Chartres is based around the standard labyrinth but has lunations around the outside.

Nasca Labyrinth 5 Circuit

Not sure if these labyrinths have an even number of circuits, this one actually looks like 6 circuits. 208/248

Nasca Labyrinth 3 circuit

The nasca labyrinth uses a slightly different seed which allow direct entry to the middle of the labyrinth.

Etched Perspex PC

James sent me some photos of the perspex installed in his PC, looks really good.

Round 7 Circuit Labyrinth

Just for fun I decided to cut a 7 circuit labyrinth too. At this size it's actually quite flexible and the path tends to bump into itself. Scaled up it would probably hold it's strength and it would make a good trivet for pans or similar.

Round 5 Circuit Alternate winding

The item on the right is the new item, it's still a 5 circuit labyrinth and it uses the same key/seed but I started in a slightly different place to end up with a different winding on it. 205/247

Round cut 5 circuit labyrinth

This is the same 5 circuit labyrinth but drawn round instead of square. I think it's a much more pleasing shape and if it is twisting like the square version it definitely shows up less. The cut out with the version is also really pretty because it's so wafer thin. 204/247

Square Cut 5 Circuit Labyrinth

This is a 5 circuit, traditional labyrinth. I made it square cut but because it's basically one long path there is nothing holding the outer circuits in place and it started to twist. I'm actually more interested in the 1mm wide piece that came out with it though (pics after the jump).

Scale Model Window

A request from the maker faire that I forgot to post, scale model windows for a building they are making. They were initially interested in 3D printing them but the outer edge of the frame is 0.5mm thick so it's just not practical yet on the FDM printers. I knocked up a quick model at the faire and cut a few out just to prove it was possible. 202/246

New Garage Door

Exciting things happening in the Raynsford house today, the garage door man came round to replace the large metal sheet door that barely filled the hole in the front of the house with a shiny new insulated roller door with windows. Not the cheapest of items but spending 5 minutes in there with all that natural light filling the room and it makes it totally worth it. Obviously this involved a complete upturn of the space to allow the man in to fit the door so no lasering today.