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Leather Woggle 2

Making customised items is extremely easy with a laser cutter so putting text onto a basic woggle is simple to do. The text should probably have been smaller is it was more visible from the front but we can sort that next time.

I've done a minor bit of leather working in the past but I don't have any tools for it so I called Dominic in for support with these woggles. He had some poppers handy and the right tools for the job and was able to do it for me in minutes. The poppers come in 2 parts and there are 2 types so 2 different tools. The tool fits in or over the popper and the top half is hammered into the bottom half where they form one piece. Dominic also had a special dimpled 'anvil' to hammer into which helped with the curved poppers. 

Leather Woggles

Eli has just joined the local Beavers group, it inspired me to laser cut up some leather and turn it into fancy woggles for their neck scarves. The first one is a very simple design but it's often referred to as a magic braid, the three strands in the design can actually be plaited to make a weave pattern. Many moons ago my scout woggle was like this so it was cool to actually make my own in the same style.

Mirror Tiles Fishy

Finally a fishy and if this seems fishy to you it's because I bought myself a weeks worth of blog items with a single night of drawing, all queued in advance so by now my future self will have made something a bit more involved. As promised here is a bundle of vector art for those shapes. (svg here)

Mirror Tiles Rocket

Maybe the relative scales are a little bit off, 

Mirror Tiles Piggy

Does what it says on the tin (is this too much like spam?)

Mirror Tiles Froggy

The eyes look a little weird on this one but I think it's the double reflection, it's quite prominent in the photo, less so in person.

Mirror Tiles Planet

A cute little planet with a shooting star.