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Parcel Shelf Repair

A friend of a friend has a broken parcel shelf, but it's from an older car and a getting a replacement would be impossible. So he drew up the part for me and I cut him a replacement section to go into the gap.

NortHACKton 2012

It was the NortHACKton christmas do this evening, just a curry dinner but good to catch up with everyone. I wanted to give everyone a gift for keeping the group going for another year so I came up with these. They're a little bit Christmassy which is good for this time of year.

Useless Machine Kits

The useless machines  kits I've been making for a while are now fully fledged and ready for shipping. The kit includes all the parts required to make your own useless machine (some assembly and tools required) July 2013: Welcome to all the London Maker Faire people. The useless machine kits received a fairly significant update to the box design including a real hinge instead of the cardboard hinge used previously. This kit and instructions can be found in my shop here

Enigma Machine Parts

I've been helping Adam Ward make parts for his enigma machine. The build is coming together nicely and I can't wait to see it completed and functional. Keep an eye on the progress over on his blog

More Wedding Invites

I nearly forgot to take photos of this one which is why you get a slightly lacking photo of one card and the parcel they were sent in. A nice little batch of 75 cards kept the machine busy for a while. Based on a previous design , someone saw them and thought they were nice, I was happy to help.