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Linbin System

There are laser cut linbin files available online already so this wouldn't be much of a post if I'd just made some of those. This is a modular stackable/rackable linbin system. Contained in the files is a series of parts for making linbins, you can add 5 middles and put a cap on either end to make a really long or wide linbin or any combination you want. Oh yeah, it also has a living hinge to make up the front lip which means it's really easy to scoop the contents up the front lip and out of the box The bins all stack on top of each other and a small overlap locks them into place so they won't fall off. The racking system is also versatile because it can be wall mounted or free standing, it can accommodate any sized bins in any position. I've got the whole Linbin system ( svg here ) I've also prepared a file with the 3 bin racked system shown. ( svg here )

Project #6: Minecraft landscape coffee table prototype

May seemed to pass by so quickly, it's not as though I forgot to do a monthly project I just ended up leaving it quite late and I'm playing catch up with the documenting of it. For a long time people have been admiring this landscape  at maker faires and I've been promising to make one coffee table sized. This time round I decided to pixellate the contours and turn it into a minecraft  themed environment. There will be more to follow in the next few days but for now here is the half sized, non plastic prototype.