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Lion Head

Another foam shield emblem, I got the impression the lion in the crown was taken from somewhere and the antlers added after, the antlers were a little thin and flimsy after cutting. ( svg here )

Foam Phoenix

Many moons ago I wrote about how I was trying to cut this shape and was failing, I don't ever remember writing about the success. I've cut dozens of them since then so here is the most recent stack of phoenixes, phoenixii (? would it be a flame of phoenix?)

Foam Gryphon

Eldritch sent me a whole bunch of requests for laser cutting, Plastazote is really good for cutting and these basic images come out well.

Paper Prototyping

The big thing occupying my time currently is the vanilla box. I'm slightly outside my comfort zone with metal work but it's always good to learn new skills. We're getting the box CNC cut so I can already do the drawings but I'm learning about bend radii and powder coating etc. The case is made from sheet metal with bends in appropriate places and I'm able to make prototypes out of paper to make sure it all fits together correctly. Having these physical models really helps to visualise where everything is going to go.

Slide Latch Box

A few weeks back I investigated various latching box mechanisms with minimal success, mostly it felt like they were trying to flex the material in the wrong direction which lead to snapping. I tried to make a sliding lid on this box to test a latching mechanism. The lid is a basic sliding lid but when it is fully closed, protrusions on the lid push the side walls out and latch it into the closed position. The walls flex with with the grain of the material so it is pretty sturdy and should last a long time. It's not the best box in the world because the lid is very tight anyway and it doesn't need to be locked into place but it's a successful test nonetheless. ( svg here ) 

Leather Woggle 3

Finally I tried a woggle with an image engraved onto it. The world scout emblem is readily available on the interwebz in vector format so it seems a logical choice. Leather can engrave really nicely if you get the power settings correct and this one picked out a lot of details. Dominic poppered it again for me. That was my little detour into leather woggle making, here are the files if you want to make your own. ( svg here )