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Project #31 Rubber Stamps

I've done a fair few laser cut stamps now but this one was a request with a twist that kept me very interested. Steph  wanted to make some rubber stamps but she didn't want to be relying on me to make lots more stamps in the future. So we hatched a plan to make a cast for stamps and see if we could pour something into the mould to make new stamps. The results speak for themselves. I think the replicated stamps are every bit as good as the laser cut ones. A bit of trial and error was needed and is still needed. The gentleman dinosaur was cut into 10mm acrylic. The lines could be slightly thicker and deeper for a better cast. The rabbits were cut into 4mm acrylic which was etched 2-3mm deep so the acrylic started to warp. The good news is that when both were filled with latex they provided good quality stamps. I'm sure there chemicals better for pouring too. (custom job, no files) 31 Projects/ 38 Weeks

Test Tube Rack

Well it's kinda like a test tube rack anyway. Tree , who should probably get his own   tag   on  this blog (now done ), requested a test tube rack for 20 bottles. He was specific about arrangement, style and even depth of the rack, just a shame he didn't actually measure the tubes first. So this is the second cut for him, leaving 13mm gaps between walls so the tube will actually fit. Tree is very good with leather work and he went on to put this awesome bag around the framework. (not sure why I don't have any photos of it in a flattened state but the inner rows all just slot together with halfway cuts in both sides). And he says he's free to take on leather work :)