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Mini digger

In it's second revision already it's finally here, the mini digger, executive desk toy. A lazy susan rotary base, and two levers to control the arm, giving 3 joints of movement (move them both together to move the whole arm) (svg here)

Lazy Susan

My bearings finally arrived so I can make my mini lazy susan. It's a simple mechanism but it can be used in all sorts of places, expect to see it appear in a much larger project shortly. (svg here)

Game of Thrones - Wolf

I stumbled across an image for the new series of Game of Thrones and I thought that the Stark family crest would go well in this veneer style. A few nights converting it to a vector image and voila. (svg here)

I might ebay this item. If anyone is interested please email me.

Light box

Over the last few nights I converted an old moving box into a light box. If I'm going to be taking all these photos I should probably improve my camera skills. I've also bought some new white lightbulbs and a tripod which should all help when they arrive. (and a sneaky peek of tomorrows item)

Fish Scale

The last design in the series for the moment. (svg here)

I guess these look like coasters but there more like samplers, I'm definitely looking for other places to use this technique as tomorrows post will demonstrate.

Dragon Scale

A second shot at the dragon scale pattern, this one worked much better, I even had the foresight to leave the rows of scales attached to each for easy assemblage. (svg here)

Chinese Mountain Scale

Building on the previous scale idea, I looked up some more scale patterns but this time cut them in veneer which makes life much easier for myself. This is a Chinese mountain scale, the veneer is still not perfect for this because each scale overlaps and underlaps its neighbours. (svg here)

Dragon Scales

I wanted a way to use up all the little scraps or wood left over from the laser cutting process. I figured I could cut lots of single scales and then glue them all together. I like it but it could be so much better, stay tuned.