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Polar bear post holder

I had to wait for the blue plastic to arrive before I could do this item but it's been on the drawing board for quite some time. The layering effect came out quite nicely 304/318

Gecko Roller Stamp

I've done multiple stamps before but this one makes an endless line of footprints. 303/318

Frabjous Cube

Inspired by George Harts Frabjous. It the same as a frabjous but cube shaped, a nice neat little item. 302/318

Butterfly Cage, #300

I wanted item 300 to be something worthwhile which is why it has taken 5 days to get it drawn, cut, built and posted. 300 individually cut butterflies escape from their cage. Obviously cutting the butterflies was just the start and getting them all folded and stuck down was time consuming, the vectors came from a vector website but I can't remember which one so let me know if you recognise them. The cage was drawn freehand in inkscape and although lacking in flair I'm surprised it worked at all without the 3D modelling stage I normally put these things through. An item worthy of 300. (cage svg here) (butterfly svg here) 300+301/317


Palago is a print and play tile game from Cameron Browne. I saw these tiles and thought they would make a nice laser cut, so a quick draw (48 matching tiles was good for that) and a long etch later and I now have my own wooden set of tiles with a nice finish on them. (svg here)  299/315

10 Turn Counting Dial

Laser cutters have dropped in price and are now well within the hobbyist price bracket. These low end lasers tend to come without some of the features you find on more expensive machines and perhaps one of the worst cost cutting measures is the 10 turn dial to control laser power. The standard dial has no indication to let you know what power the laser is set to, meaning you have to turn it all the way back to zero and then count the number of rotations just to be sure but there is a simple after market modification that I would recommend you do as soon as you get your laser home. Farnell part no: 1219790 is a 10 turn rotary counting dial that will save you endless hours of faff. It can be mounted on the output of the existing potentiometer and it counts the numbers of rotations from a zero point.

Get the ball rolling

My 'What If Machine' is slowly coming together. I'll probably put it to one side until after EMF camp now I just wanted to get the ball rolling so to speak.