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#MFUKLC: Final Hopper

I concede the last hopper was too complicated, annoying because I'm seriously out of time to get everything done. I redesigned the hopper to be 6 very long tubes, skinned in paper again to save material. This one holds about 400 ping pong balls rather than the desired 500 balls but in testing I managed to get all my 150 balls out of the hopper in just 10 seconds, well on target for emptying all 400 in the 30 seconds of shooting time allowed.

Assembly Jig

Now that I'm making assembled versions of the useless machine and no soldering versions (where I do the soldering for you). I find myself trying to solder up 10 pcbs at once so I whipped up this quick little jig that will hold 20 units at once allowing me to solder them quickly and easily.