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Filling the cybar camp

In keeping with flavour props for the cyberpunk area, I made a handful of small items that could be quickly and easily scattered around the camp to make it feel more futuristic. First I made half a dozen CCTV cameras, the regular participants of EMF camp are potentially wary of CCTV so these had to look plausible but fake. A simple perspex hemisphere over some basic camera shapes would suffice. The cameras were then 'destroyed' so they definitely look non functional. Simple 'microwave' dishes were made on the vacuum former  which allowed me to construct a whole network of mini antennae. Magnets on the back of these items which allowed them to be placed upon the sides of the containers quickly and easily.

Filling the pinboard

I had to fill the pinboard with details and I stumbled upon this amazing artwork by  Vasily Khazykov , I borrowed a few of his print outs to go on the wall but I also wanted something a bit more physical to go alongside it. I chose a few items from the drawings that I could turn into physical props with a fast turnaround and I spent a day last week putting some parts together. As props they look a little bit wooden and I should really spend more time on finishing. As quick decoration pieces I think they definitely added flavour to the board. I also made a spinning hard drive gadget which I totally forgot to take pictures of, you can just about make it out on the bottom of the board here.

Tool wall and pinboard

In my workshop container for the weekend, I was keen to add some set dressing to the walls so the idea of a pinboard for projects and a tool wall were born. The pinboard is a simple framework outlined using some left over pallet wood which is why it has the nice scoop shapes. Laser cut brackets around the corners keep things vaguely square. The tool board was 12mm ply sheet I've had around for ages, I wanted to give it a nice graffiti style paint job so I put my airbrush to use in a variety of colours. It's the first time I've used my airbrush seriously and I think it came out ok. The lettering on the tool wall was achieved with a lot of masking and painting of layers over several days, it was definitely a fun project and I really enjoyed trying lots of different style and techniques on a large blank canvas.

EMF Camp prop making

picture by @JamesHarrison This years EMF Camp  had a large cyberpunk themed area featuring art installations, a bar, DJ and lots of other interesting things. It takes a lot to set this kind of thing up in a field though for a weekend, and the team pulled out all the stops to produce an epic experience. The 'Cybar' or 'Null Sector' really came alive at night time though when all the lights came on and the lasers and flamethrowers came out. The base encampment was laid out using twelve shipping containers, the whole campsite was circled with security fencing with tarps making it hard to see inside the camp. Truss and scaffolding was placed along the edges of many containers and between containers allowing power and lighting to be run overhead and down into each container. A large metal dome was built in the open area and a 10ft container was stacked on top of another 10ft container to provide an elevated DJ booth. Once the basic structures were in place the w

EMF Camp 2018 badge cover

I just got back from EMF camp and I spent most of my weekend cutting badge covers for people. Sadly I forgot to take photos for myself and I've had to steal others from twitter. Marneus chose the vibrant orange and riley had a yellow case, I also cut in Red, Green and Blue. I'll post some pictures once I've recut on of each at home. If you failed to get a badge cover at EMF camp you can now pick one up from my store . I will also be sharing the files too but I want to cut and test something and that means emptying my Van back into my garage before I can start again. Dominic  took the files and modified them to cut his own leather version on his laser