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Custom Meeples in store now

Now that I have my Whitetooth 80W laser cutter  I can reliably cut 12mm ply at a sensible speed, so these 9mm meeples are now possible. I've got them up for sale in my web store and they can be customised with almost any name (upto 8 characters) Get your own meeples here

Development Work

It's very easy to forget how long it takes to go from prototype to product. Absorbing an awful lot of my time this week is a remake of my Settlers of Catan set. It's more than just a remake though, since I've used that set a fair bit now and there are things I wanted to change and improve upon. The photos above are 4 variations of the tiles, each one improves something different but they all take time. Set number 4 (bottom right) is the one that's ready to move forward but it's only a variant of the final set so there is yet more dev work to do. Expect more on this in the near future.