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MInfinity Cube - Final Tweaking

I realise that like other kickstarter campaigns I should be making a fancy video, making a lot of promotion and singing it's praises. I personally like to make sure I can actually build what I'm claiming I can which means ensuring I can source the parts, perfecting the designs and knowing that I can make a profit on the thing I'm selling. With that in mind I tweaked the files and layouts again and I'm pretty pleased with how good it's looking. It still needs to be 'kitted' but I'll have 30 days to do that, for now the fit works and it assembles nicely (largely without glue) MInfinity cubes will be available as soldering required kits, no soldering kits and fully assembled cubes depending on how involved you want to be.

Terraforming Mars Turmoil

I recently backed the Terraforming Mars Turmoil expansion on Kickstarter. I've had player mats for my own version of the game for quite some time but in todays update they showed us what the official version of the player mats would look like. I didn't want to wait so I made my own copy this evening.

Folding travel lecturn

I needed a lecturn to hold a book while I read from it. It would be nice to be able to take it into the field for EMF and Vale and other places I might use it so I came up with this simple folding frame design. The book board flips over all the way to the back and nestles amongst the legs so that the whole thing is almost flat. The hinges and book stop were laser cut and glued into place on the board before assembly. The whole thing worked well at Vale recently but I was a bit rough with it and snapped one of the cross bracers (6mm Poplar) so I shall be replacing that with 6mm birch before it's next outing.

Minfinity Cube - Coming soon to Kickstarter

I've been working on a new little project for Kickstarter now that I've got my puzzles out of the way. It's a small electronics kit (also available assembled) that has to be one of the hardest things I've ever tried to take a photo of. More details will trickle out here over the next week or two and then I'll be launching on Kickstarter so please feel free to follow me over there if you want to catch one of the early bird tiers.

Vale Treasure Chest

I was commissioned to make another Vale Box  for a different group, it's nice to make them all subtly different so I made this one with an oak wood stain and changed the lid configuration again. The mana/coin tray sits on top of the box and locates into place, the lid is a cover which clips down over it. The lid and tray can be removed together or singularly to allow access to the usual array of resource holders underneath. Small feet underneath, built from the side walls, lift the box slightly off the floor and add strength to the base.