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Illuminated Winged Heart

I mentioned that there was a final mod I would like to make to this and I finally got round to doing it. I wanted the vanes to be heart shaped but there is an issue with the amount of light produced by one LED and multiple LED's are out of the question because that gives multiple lines of light. I still think the effect is pretty cool, although there will be another revision of this shortly.

Christmas Tree

I liked the idea of stacking several snowflakes up in decreasing sizes to look like the branches of a Christmas tree. Top the whole thing with a star and voila.

Cake Stencil 2

The last cake stencil seemed to draw a fair bit of attention on the blog and I always felt bad about not including any photos of the laser cut item. So here is another stencil I did recently for our Christmas party.

Christmas Card 5

And the last of the series, with a quick round up of the bunch.

Christmas Wreath 2

Building upon the base of the first wreath and taking on the snowflake idea I made this wreath with is simpler but much nicer.

Mosaic Coasters

Besides all the laser cutting I'm still making other things too so I thought I'd post some of those up here. We bought these mosaic kits from Hobbycraft for £2.50 and they were actually very good fun to do, I'd recommend getting some if you can.

New Smaller Useless box

After the moderate success of Kaths useless box (ok complete success really until the batteries go flat and we have to force the box open again) I've taken another look at the box design and the components and come up with something 50% smaller, taking less batteries and generally better all round. The new design features a battery compartment, an on/off switch (for power) on the underside and the lid is now pulled down with elastic to make sure it stays shut. The whole thing is made with shop bought components so I can fabricate as many as needed.

This kit can be purchased through my shop here

Christmas Wreath

I wanted to make a laser cut wreath after the card series. I knocked up a poor prototype or two and then had a look around online for some inspiration. Turns out my wreath base was actually quite close to the one used by cardboard safari (despite the fact they hide it well in their photos). It's a good base because you can easily switch the design that goes on top of the wreath, expect more variation soon. The bow and the berries provide useful detail but it's not my best work. (svg here)