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MSRaynsford in the Maker Shed

Word of mouth filtered back some pretty exciting news for me this evening, my marble machine that was picked up by Solarbotics  two months ago has now found it's way over to the Maker shed and I received a very complimentary write up in the weekly newsletter . It's a pretty big goal for me and I'm stoked, means the whole journey has been pretty worthwhile. Makes me want to push on with my other projects now, these little victories are very encouraging. Hopefully see some of you at Manchester Maker Faire this weekend. I'll try to remember to bring my copy of this kit with solar engine.

Resource Racking

Vale LRP has rather nice phys reps for their resources. I got fed up of throwing these test tubes full of powder into my storage box, knocking the corks out and being left with piles of funny coloured sand staining everything else in the box so I made these racks to hold the tubes securely and vertically. While I was doing one for powders I also did one for the resins too. I quickly discovered that I end up with a lot more than 25 of each resources over the course of an event so I'll be remaking them larger soon.

More Foam

A few more foam items for Eldritch this week. They've been kicking around for a while so pleased to finally get them cut. Sadly I think the phoenix may be one step too far, I just can't seem to get the settings/order right to make a decent image.