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Donkey Kong

To go with my mario I made a veneer pixel donkey kong. He should sit at the top of the ramps and I hope to make him rumble whenever a ball rolls past. (svg here) 319/326

Snowflake - Clone

Finally completing my collection of 4 star wars geeky snowflakes. (svg here)

Snowflake - Fett

It's definitely out of season but I had a request from someone for the svg files for the Fett and the Clone snowflakes which made me realise I never actually posted them. As the 365 blog finishes in Oct I guess I should post them now. (svg here) 317/326

Veneer Pixel Art

Who knew combining pixel art with veneers would work so well. Ok so I did have an inkling it would be a nice effect, this mario will be used in my donkey kong. 316/325

Button Roundup

That was the last of my button collection, here is the round up photo and the files to go with them (svg here)

Tux Button

One for the geekier kids out there.

Butterfly Button


Gauss Rail

This is a vertical lift for a rube goldberg machine that Nottinghack will be assembling shortly. Working in much the same way as the gauss guns this turns all the motion vertical. Each stage is placed just far enough so that the ball still reaches it and triggers the next stage. 4 Stages lift the motion 1m up into the air. Video after the break 313/324

Heart Button


Fish Button


Dharma Button

Did I miss the boat on this one? The Dharma initiative called and they'd like their buttons back. 310/323

Jigsaw Button

This jigsaw piece would not interlock with itself, I guess that would have been a bit better though. 309/323

Gear Button

A long time ago it was suggested that I laser cut some buttons, now I have done so. The first is a simple gear shape.

Distance Range Finder

Many people came through the Nottinghack tent looking to borrow tools or materials but these guys really stuck with it and decided to make their whole thing with us. When they asked if I had something pulley like I suggested we laser cut the whole deal. I wish I had a video of the final item but hopefully someone can link me over to it. They were using an app on an I phone that could calculate the distance to a laser dot. They built this turret which would turn the laser dot and the iphone together and shine about waist height. The Iphone fed data back to a laptop which played a note based upon the distance. It worked really well and was very cool when people gathered around it to see what they were doing creating a tune (or at least a not that irritating noise) 307/321

Batman Symbol

The guys setting up the big sky writing signs for the weekend wanted to place a shadow caster in front of the beam and project their logos up onto the clouds. The first port of call was obviously the batman sign and they came to Nottinghack to see if we could laser the appropriate gobo. I made them a rather fetching sign but turns out they couldn't get their lights to focus into a single beam so no luck with it. Keep an eye out for EMF 2014 though, the suggestion was to cut logos to demand and get them up in the clouds for 30 minutes a time.

Nyan Cat

I went to EMF Camp at the weekend and we took our laser cutter along so I ended up making a few things while I was in the field. Sadly I couldn't find my camera cable so I couldn't blog from the field but I can add them for you now.
KateMonkey wanted something a bit more solid to for the body of her Nyan Cat so she supplied the files for   the outline and I laser cut one out of mdf for her. It was then placed at the top of a 10ft pole and we got to wave it around maniacally. (svg here)