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Wedding card designs

Some friends of mine are getting married next year, they like the look of some of the laser cut wedding invites and asked what I could come up with. Here is the first design but I think the next one will be better. (svg here)

Kindle Case

I put together all those test elements I've been working on the last few weeks into one piece of work. I created a kindle case for my wife who received a Kindle for her birthday this year. the name and design are inlaid veneer with the flexible hinge design redrawn to give a tighter bend radius.
If anyone has a kindle (4 I think, the new small one) and would like a custom case from then email me, or you can make your own from this design.

Veneer inlay test

My veneer has arrived so I'm able to put together a quick test piece. In hindsight I should have bought 2 or 3 different types of wood to get some colouring effects but I'm really pleased with how well this has come up from just the different angles of the wood veneer. I'm due to pass on these techniques at Nottingham Hackspace on the 21st of November.

Simple Inlay Test

I wanted to do some work with Veneer, but before it arrived I thought I'd do another quick test. This is cardboard inlaid into wood, I etched an appropriate hole into the base piece of wood and cut a shape to go into it. The trick is that the heart shape is slightly larger than the original pocket so that the two fit together snuggly. I'll be using this technique on some bigger items shortly.

Inlaid Cardboard

I wanted to do a quick test to see how several cut items could fit back together. I cut this swirl pattern from 3 coloured pieces of card and then took one of each colour and put them all back together. There is a gap between the parts the width of the laser line, more tests will be done shortly to compensate for this gap.

Scotty Dog

My sister in law showed a level of interest in the laser cutter that I was surprised about. She normally blanks geeky technical toys, so we ended up cutting a little scotty dog for her as she is a big Radley fan. We then put a hole in the neck as a key ring (the hole is a little bigger than hoped)

Laser cut corrugate

I did some tests cutting corrugated card, I failed to get all the way through it but cutting just the top layer seemed to be all right so I came up with this effect instead. I'm sure this will make appearances again.