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Best Ever Wood Glue

I make a lot of things out of wood because it laser cuts incredibly well, it's cheaper than plastics and you can glue it together. I've tried quite a lot of glues and I really like this Weatherproof Exterior glue from Evo-Stik. I've been buying it in smaller bottles with applicators but recently discovered that Rapid Electronics sell it in 2.5 and 5L bottles, suitable for refilling all of my smaller bottles. The glue grabs within a few minutes and sets solid and clear overnight, I'd definitely recommend getting some.

Exhaust Fan Upgrade

My extractor fan always sat at an awkward angle where the inlet needed to be on the wrong side and the outlet was best pointed vertically. I previously achieved this using some shelving brackets but it was always a bit wobbly. While I was laying the floor I noticed that they were bent and the whole thing was touching the floor so I upgraded to this wooden stand instead. The fan is now held firmly in place again, better than ever before. The whole thing tucks in neatly behind the new machine in the garage.

New Wooden Floor

The floor in the garage was just sheets of plywood which has served me very well over the past few years but it was starting to look a little worn. In my week off I laid a nice new wooden floor over the top of it. It was fun juggling all the stuff from the front to the back of the garage and finding it all new homes but the floor is in at least and looking good. I still have to sort all the junk that got moved up onto the shelves and hidden around the house but it's a good start.

Keeping the laser busy

I have a few relatively big cutting jobs to do over the last few weeks. They keep the laser busy while I'm free to answer emails, sort paperwork and all the other boring jobs that occur as part of life. Hopefully many of you will have noticed the not so subtle changes happening to the blog too as I try to get this sprawling monstrosity of 1200 posts into slightly better order of things. I'm not allowed to mention most of these projects yet but the posts are written and waiting for specific dates. I have however been cutting some more Hex Terrain Toolkit which seems to be a very successful project for Ross.