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Dual Dragons Foam

Last design from this batch, this dual dragon pattern also looks great, incredibly intricate details but the laser just copes with like any other cut. Some of the pheonix cut previously have made it onto shields and have been coloured and latexed. Those things look fantastic, there is so much potential for lasers in LRP weapons, a line of matching group shields like this would look amazing on the battlefield.

Foam Stag

I really like this stage. I was worried that the lines all over it we be too thin to engrave clearly but what do I know? They maybe could do with being a little bit deeper for when they are latexed but it's still very pretty. 

More Eldritch Foam

I do enjoy the Eldritch  commission work it's varied and I end up making some really nice things, I'll be disappointed when he eventually gets his own laser (but only a little) 

Laser Cutting Samples

Terry from Occasions Boxed  contacted us at Just Add Sharks  asking if we could do a sample to demonstrate the capabilities of the Laser cutter. He sent me a well coloured raster image which left me scratching my head a bit. I little bit of creativity later and I came up with the above, he obviously liked it because he purchased a Blacknose over the weekend and I delivered and installed it on Monday

Cutting Video

Looks like I totally forgot to add the cutting video to the bottom of yesterdays post. It cut a bit too slowly and burnt through the wood rather than marking the surface, it also seems to be cutting sections twice (which I just noticed)