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Large Lizards

I was commissioned through Etsy to make some Escher Lizards but 10cm in size. I managed to squeeze 27 onto a sheet and they came out pretty well. The larger size feels nicer in the hand. I even relisted them on Etsy. They can be done plain or with Mahogany or Oak wood stain or with a colour wash of any other colour.

Teeny Text

It's another LARP related cut of a group emblem on spruce wood dog tag stylee, which is why I haven't led with a whole item picture. Instead I wanted to show people the awesomeness that is the teeny tiny text of this item. I tried to etch the font because I thought that would produce a better image but it just wasn't readable, as a last ditch attempt I switched across to a low power cut, assuming that there would be insufficient step size to engrave such a small item. I was certainly wrong about that, the teeny tiny text here is testament to the awesomeness of laser cutting, I'll be looking to do more with this.

Dragon Tokens

Another group emblem for LARP, this time I tried to add an interesting Red/Black paint effect to the wood before it was cut. The red dried quite a bit darker but you can still see signs of the effect on the token, it's a bit more interesting than plain red.

Laser Cut Leather

I know leather can be laser cut, I've been asked to cut leather a good dozen times but the truth is that I don't have any leather and I don't know anything about leather which leaves me in a dubious position that I wouldn't know what to buy and how much to pay for it. So I finally found a compromise, somebody sent me some leather that they wanted cutting, I get the practice and the experience and I return the finished item no charge. And here are the results, I'm pleased and surprised how thick I could cut through, it's fairly stinky stuff though.

Veg plot labels

The veg plot  in our garden has taken nearly a full year to get anywhere but I made a conscious effort this summer to fill it with soil and put some vegetables in it. Now we have rows of seeds and seedlings I wanted to identify each of the vegetables. Everything can be solved with a laser cutter so I made these labels up with a nice big font so that Eli can read them. The best thing is that they all came from scraps that I'd normally throw away.