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Speed Limit Shield

It took such a long time to engrave away the middle of the other shield it was decided to build these letters up from 2mm foam instead. I used a very low power cut to mark where the letters should go which will hopefully make construction a bit faster.

Route 44 Shield

This big block of 22mm foam is destined to become a post apocalyptic shield. It's 500mm tall so it's a massive engrave, even at 0.2mm spacing and it took nearly 45 minutes to cut. The letters look great though and the contrast in texture between the smooth letters and the rough background will all add to the final effect I'm sure.

Basket Hilt

This sheet of 8mm foam will wrap around the bottom of a LRP sword to form a basket hilt as shown below.

Windows in Shields

Eldritch has been experimenting with windows in riot shields. There are a lot of modern LARP and airsoft systems that this would be good for. It's really interesting to see what is possible with a little creativity.

Mini Crossed Hammers

It's not all just big lumps of foam or highly detailed parts, the laser can also make the small and fiddly parts too, these two are cut in 6mm foam and are just 60mm tall, I know I wouldn't have the patience to cut those with a scalpel any more.

Large bundle of foam

A few weeks back Simon from Eldritch came and dropped a massive stack of foam in my garage with a big request list. I spent a whole day on it at the weekend and ended up cutting a lot of stuff for him. This big pile is just the things that you've seen before, there are many new things lined up for the coming days.

Moar Linbins

I made some more linbins from my linbin system. The last batch have found homes on various projects and should probably be used in places where I'm using tatty old boxes for project components. I actually made this batch to go over at the Just Add Sharks unit but they fit so nicely at the back of the workbench I think I'll have to make another batch for myself. 
Of course the real joy of these linbins is that you can stack them however you want to.