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Blood and Oil Tracker

I made this simple, magnet free version of a score tracker for Blood and Oil . I used 0.8mm birch  for the front and back panels and 3mm poplar for the middle layer. The lettering was done with Hershey text to make it as fast as possible and the emblem is a combination of engraving and outlining. The idea was to make these as quick as possible for a batch order but I also liked the super skinny style. 

The Days Cutting #Makevember

A family of large meeples from 12mm plywood, coloured before cutting. I really should mask the reverse or clean my honeycomb to make them look better after cutting. A customised start tile for Carcassonne. Somebody wants to use a set as a guest book for their weddings, having the guests write messages on the rest of the tiles. A quick stencil for painting some fabric. It's for a cosplay costume, possibly one of the super hero suits? Finally here is the days orders, a mixture of marble machines, kits and other custom parts (like the meeples)