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Making Marvellous Machines

KateMonkey has done me the honour of a fantastic introduction for a workshop I intend to run at Nottinghack next week. There's not that much to it beyond that, but I intend to start at 7pm on Tuesday 12th of Feb and hand out kits of Marble Machines #1 , Marble Machines #2 , and Useless Machines and then float around the space offering advice to anyone who gets confused by my instructions. I expect this to be many people but I will come away and improve the instructions for all people. If you're within reach of Nottingham then we'd love to have you come along and visit us in the hackspace and I believe there may well be pancakes on offer too.

Project #13 Jewelry Stands Redraw

Nearly a year ago now I drew up these three jewellery   stands , they are one of the most commonly requested items that I never released. The trouble was that parts of the design were too thin. Inkscape has an easy feature to get round this, you can 'outset' a path which makes each of the lines thicker and the holes smaller. The trouble is that each time I outset the file the parts started to overlap each other and it just became one big blob. So I learnt a valuable lesson about saving over the original files and keeping the construction lines in each of my designs and I only just got round to redrawing them from scratch so here they are. Stand 1 , Stand 2 , Stand 3 13 Projects/ 17 Weeks