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Ciaran O'Connell - EMFM Signpost

Ciaran O'Connell , on behalf of the radio station at EMF Camp, EMFM , wanted a sign that would distinguish their marquee from the ones on either side of it. Queue the laser cutter. Cut from 3mm perspex and backed with 3mm of fluorescent perspex, this made the text really stand out.

Dan Nixon - Google Cardboard

Dan Nixon  spent a fair bit of time on the laser cutter trying to cut a first draft version of his google cardboard design, made from wood. The unit spent most of the weekend on the bench full of laser cut items and was a definite favourite with visitors to the village. I think there is a bit of market for these if he could be persuaded to sell them.

Mark Phelan - Twitter Ticker

Mark Phelan  was one of the first to come to us in the laser cutting village and ask for an item to be cut. He wanted a holder for a roll of ticker paper that was going to be fed through the ticker. This machine was printing out all the tweets sent to @emfcamp  over the course of the weekend. 

Laser Cutting Village Sign

The first thing we needed at EMF camp was a sign for our tent. A bit of a group effort and cut on multiple laser cutters we cut this fancy font using a range of different materials for each letter. The line spacing on the etch was massive to get them done quickly. All the letters were hot glued to the base plate (in slightly wonky fashion) by myself before it was hung from the side of the tent with bungy cords.

EMF Done

Images Stolen from Dominic :) So EMF camp came and went over the weekend and was a fantastic success. We set up the Laser cutting village and with the help of Ian and his laser cutter we demonstrated laser cutting to the masses, giving them the opportunity to play with our laser cutters all from within a field. The weather couldn't have been any better and despite some fairly hefty 15 hour days in the laser cutting tent I really enjoyed the whole thing.  Over the next few days I'll be posting up some of the things we made at EMF camp on the lasers (this is partly to fill the gap while I install the new laser in my garage and build up stock for the upcoming mini maker faire in Brighton )