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Jewellery Stand 4

After releasing the jewellery stands  designs onto thingiverse , Karl Seegel of KR Stuudio  was inspired to make his own variant . He was kind enough to tell me about it and he managed to fix one of the main issues with the originals, making them much stronger. He was also happy for me to use his design as the inspiration for this design and it all comes full circle. It's not a huge variation but switching the custom logo out for ye olde bees gives it a much broader appeal. The extra strength was achieved by the addition of a second layer to the front, framing the details nicely (I should go back and add them in to the older designs). ( svg here )

Tile Game Test

I've been inspired to make a variant of the ingenious board game . After playing the original with our good friends Nichola and Andrew (who evidently read my blog) I realised that it would convert well to a LRP game where each one of the 6 symbols is replaced with the magical realm symbols. It lends itself nicely because your final game score is only as high as your lowest score so you do well if you balance the realms.