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Project #21, Donkey Kong X Axis

The UK maker faire is fast approaching so I thought I better get started on the Donkey Kong remake. This week I mostly concentrated on redrawing everything (as I appear to have lost some original files) and getting some of the parts moving. This is the X axis that will support Mario and he moves from left to right. It's a very simple stepper motor and belt drive combo. I made custom brackets at either end for my parts and affixed them to some 8mm rods. The test worked mostly well, I need to adjust the central idler wheel a little (second video) as everything pinches when I pull the belt tight (there is a reason for the middle wheel if anyone fancies a guess) (no specific file) 21 Projects/ 24 weeks.

Project #20, Table Decorations

The last piece of laser work I did for the wedding are the table decorations. Based on item no 300 of my 365 things project, this was a redesign and a revamp of the butterfly cage. The aim was to make them faster to cut and simpler to assemble, I achieved the later. The bottom is a separate piece and is only glued in once the butterflies are in place. I ended up making 6 cages, one for each table. If there is interest I'll happily release this as a kit. ( svg here ) 20 projects/ 23 Weeks

Project #19, Seating Plan

I was intending to laser cut the entire cage for this item but as I walked into a local store ( the range ) I saw this birdcage at the reduced price of £10 just crying out to be used. I saved myself hours of design and cutting and it gave me a solid base to build on. Each of the butterflies is individually cut and stuck onto a peg which allowed me to move them round until I was happy with their positioning. The pegs hold the name cards into place too. ( svg here ) 19 projects/ 23 Weeks