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Crushed Easter Egg

Much like the last Easter Egg  this one is a low polygon shape where some of the vertexes have been pulled inwards to create a crushed effect. Just like the last timelapse too I clearly haven't fixed my white balance issues but I am much more confident about the one currently running.

Low Polygon Easter Egg

Because it's Easter and we're all at home I thought I'd print some more interesting egg designs this year. Thingiverse provides as usual with this set of lovely designs , that I shall slowly work my way across while attempting to improve my timelapse set up. I thought I had changed the white balance for this one but clearly not.

Bias Tape Makers

Makezine recently featured these bias tape makers which are apparently useful for people who are sewing material masks. I obviously ran some through the machine asap and offered them in my circles. If you need one let me know and I'll print some more. In the meantime I made a timelapse of them (anything more than the 20 layers of the 3d printable masks currently looks like a good timelapse to me)

Surgical Mask Straps

I've seen people 3D print these surgical mask straps to stop the masks from hanging on your ears and making them sore. My wife says she uses a paper clip but that ultimately starts to ache as well, given that 3D printing is so slow it just makes sense to make a laser cut version. So here is my, laser cut, surgical mask strap, based upon this thingiverse design . Sadly I don't have a mask at home to demonstrate it, like the other things I await feedback from the end users. ( svg here )

Laser Cut Face Shields

Over the last week I've had more time and effort than I have had clear sheets of material, so I've been merrily 3D printing face shields with a mixture of Schonne Bakkes  Goggles and 3DVerkstan  full face visors. Now that I have a stack of vinyl covers arrive I can ramp up production and make use of my polypropylene sheets. I've seen various designs but this one from Kitronik  fits the bill nicely, plus Kitronik is my main material supplier so it's great to be able to support them at the same time. It uses a single A4 sheet of transparency, manufactured using a standard hole punch and simple rounded corners. The Headband is assembled from 3 pieces, a visor band, a forehead band and an adjustable band. The adjuster has a clever mechanism for linking into place and staying there using the natural flex of the material. I've seen a lot of discussion about this design and how to optimise it for the different laser cutter sizes and also people saying that it