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365 Day advent calender

I present to you my 365 day chocolate advent calender, why wait until Dec 1st before counting down the big day, my calender runs from Jan 1st through to Dec 25th.

Project #6 Advent Calendar

Just in time for December comes the Christmas advent calender. An epic case of squashing to get the design into the footprint of the remaining 3 sheets of MDF I had. Then the large assembly job of 24 little boxes. The layout works well, the star was an additional finishing touch that really helps bring it all together. I'm keen to take another shot at it before releasing some plans because it was fiddly to stack all the boxes up and it could be greatly improved but for now it's ready to receive gifts for Eli. ( svg here , you'll need 24 of these boxes) 6 Items/ 7 Weeks

More Engraving

I've been working on a commission for a new kindle case, I took the engraving technique I was using last week and made this little test piece which I'm hoping the customer likes and is happy to have on the case. I'm also working on a handful of orders of things I already sell, a vending machine, some advent calenders (for the end of the week obviously), the revamp of Donkey Kong as well as the new Laser Cutter design for Nottinghack. Wouldn't feel right if I wasn't ridiculously busy.