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Jumping on the boat wagon

A chance to join in on the latest thing and score a quick and easy blog post, I was all over it. Plus a great excuse to use my super pink and white laminate for signage. In case anyone has missed the current Boaty McBoatface amusements . (I perhaps forgot to mention this isn't my laser cutter, it's a hackspace machine)

Spiral Line Drawings

A friend of mine over on Facebook linked to this video of someone doing a fairly simple line drawing but creating a great effect. I knew it could be laser cut and the output is still pretty awesome but it's also very fun watching the laser in action during. It was drawn exactly the same way as it was cut. the square was split into several sections, a spiral was then drawn inside each section.

Hinging on Success

Big Boxes need big lids and being made out of plastic means I only want to cut this once so I prototyped the hinge fittings. I used standard metal hinge with some M6 bolts, the hinges are actually cut into the back panel so that in the closed position the two edges virtually meet, in the open position the lid of the box pushes up against the back wall, this stops the lid from opening too far and it should rest in a vertical position.

Another Vale Game

I'm pretty busy with the upcoming UK Maker Faire and some Just Add Sharks projects but apparently that doesn't stop my mind from wandering to other projects. I saw this Dice Cup review of a game called 'Battle Sheep' and I thought of an interesting variation which was easily Vale themed. I used artwork from the previous vale game to speed things up and the whole game was made in a single lunch time (blogging always takes extra time) ( svg here ) Each player starts with 16 meeple tokens and 4 map sections, including their own 'camp' tile (I made 16 tokens so that you could just play battle sheep rules). Players take it in turn to lay map sections ensuring some variety in the board between plays. Tiles have to connect but can be in any orientation and holes are permissible. Finally players lay their own camp tiles on the edge of the board, this is where players will be starting from. Once the board is set, players take it in turn to move a single me

Prototype Box 3

Ok, apparently I couldn't let it lie without trying the box with 2 curved edges. Now I have all 3 shapes prototyped in physical boxes and I can't decide which one I like most. Good job I have other people to decide for me.