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Vale Lore Sheets

There are two warring nations at Vale LRP, Dukes and Kahns. They both fight over the same resources but they call them slightly different things. I previously did the Kahns lore sheets but now I know the dukes names I get a chance to redo them from the other view point. 

Custom Gaming Chit

Made from 6mm Poplar, I wanted a fairly deep engrave but that does throw up a lot of debris so it's always a trade off.

Free Coffee Table

Would anyone like a free coffee table? It's been sat in my garage for about a year now ever since I upgraded to the Lego coffee table. Somebody would be welcome to come and collect it from me in Leicester (LE8) or the Just Add Sharks unit (NG2), otherwise it would be about £10 to post it out to you. Just email me

Floating Helicopter

Just a quick one for tonight, I helped Dawn out making another cake. This time it was parts for a helicopter that got presented to Prince William and the Queen, and a few short videos of the cake too.

EAAA - Flying Cake from Phil Cutland Green on Vimeo.

Customised Rulers

It's nearly the end of year 1 for Eli so we made some customised rulers as a thank you for his teachers.

Eclipse Tile Holder Lid

Nichola and Andrew like to store their games sideways so the upgrade tray needs a lid if they are going to stay in place while stored. This one is made from 3mm clear perspex with a lip glued around the edge to stop it from sliding off. A rubber band holds it all in place. (svg here)

Eclipse Upgrade Tile Holder

This game tray holds all the spaceship upgrade tiles for the board game Eclipse. The tray itself is 12mm thick, made up from 2x 6mm sheets, the top is engraved with the relevant symbols for each tile and some of the symbols were coloured with pen. (svg here)

This is the second spin of the tray, the first design only showed the names and research of each tile which you can already see on the top of each tile, the tray actually hide the resource symbols. I saved the prototype by reskinning the top with another layer of 1.5mm Birch which is why it's a slightly different colour in the above pictures.