Stone Tablet Prop

Way back last year I was asked to make a broken stone tablet for an Empire player event. The event happened this weekend so now I'm free to show the prop here. It's made from chunky 6mm mdf, the tablet was painted base grey and masked off with paper tape to reduce the burn marks from engraving. The letters are engraved and outlined to make them stand out against the grey. Finally the slab was marbled using different shades of white and grey colour.

As a prop to be passed around at an event the reverse was also coloured and marbled to the same effect.

Printed Turbine

I put my little Ender 2 printer to some heavy usage recently slicing up lots of smaller parts to make a large prop. I practised my 3D modelling skills on the largest part but I've been able to extract some of the smaller parts from existing models. This turbine fan was small enough to fit inside the 150mm x 150mm bedsize as a single piece, it's entirely flat on the bottom too so it seemed like a good place to start. (stl here)

Curtain Rail Shim

A very exciting shim for one of our curtain rails now. It's functional and also good practice in 3D modelling. I printed the cone point down so that I didn't need any support material for the overhang. It's a fine tip so ensuring good adhesion to the bed was very important, I used a skirt instead of a brim for this one.

Mass Customisation

Something that always stuck with me during my various business studies classes was this idea of 'mass customisation'. The juxtaposition of the two terms definitely stuck in my mind and I was reminded of it today while making the next batch of these spell slot trays. I don't mind which colour the wood gets stained, which font goes on the top or even what scale the trays are (because normal dice only come in a small range of sizes). I can make a quick adjustment to the design in under a minute, cut a tray out in similar time and each person gets something that is custom to them but still 'mass' produced by me.

In general I have a bunch of escape room work completed which I'm keen to post up here (with obscure photos) I just need to get clearance first. Then I've got some ranges of boxes with artwork to share while I'm working on the next projects.

Double sided edge lit sign

I haven't seen any other double sided edge lit signs before and it's probably with good reason but I think this one came out well enough considering. 'Eldritch' wanted an edge lit sign for an exhibition, arrows on both sides so that it can be pointed towards the stall from either side. Sounds simple enough, their logo is white lettering on black background so the idea was at least workable. I sprayed some clear acrylic sheet black and etched the logo through the paint to make it stand out. The colour contrast is good but you can kind of see the opposite logo on the other side and the arrows didn't quite line up which is always a disappointment.

I used a paint can on the sheet for ease and after reading the instructions I used some fine sand paper to key the smooth surfaces of the sheet. The trouble is that this 'frosting' of the sheet absorbs light from the strip and prevents it from reaching the lettering. There is far less internal reflection so the lett…

One Way Out Escape Rooms

Today we visited One Way Out Escape Rooms, it was a very impromptu thing due to a request they made last night for someone to play test their new game. The room is called 'Coming home' and it's so new it isn't even listed in their rooms yet. The game itself is great, in fact it's so complete that I felt guilty about play testing, we could only offer minimal advice to improve upon it. One tiny piece was made of card and I felt it would be better/sturdier if made of wood so I knocked this up quickly when I got home.
We've done several of the rooms at one way out now and it's rapidly become my favourite escape rooms. The rooms are actually challenging and full of puzzles and things to do for the whole team. If you like escape rooms I would definitely recommend a visit. If your nervous about doing your first room they've got you covered too with 'the puzzle room', it's an open lounge room where you can solve the clues at your own pace. With no …

3D printer cooling fan

My largest print to date, a whopping 9 hour print. By various accounts the Ender 2 is missing a cooling fan so there are lots of mods available out there. I chose this one that incorporates a 5015 fan that I already had and moves the existing fan to one side to make the print head a bit more visible. The whole thing printed well but I was surprised how long it took to remove the support material from the middle of the piece. A bit of time to install it and I'm eager to do the next print now.