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Canvas Printing

Ever since I made my version of one of  Sam Lauren Smiths inky drawings, it has been stuck to our kitchen wall, waiting for me to get a much bigger laser so I could cut one at the size I wanted it (1.2m long). The more I looked at it the less I liked the burnt wood on wood effect until finally one day I decided that I should just go ahead and get a proper black and white canvas job done. I contacted the artist again but still didn't hear anything so I went ahead and used my own scanned images of the postcard. This is where Chris Braunston of Braunston Ltd  printing company comes in. He's my guru for all things print related and he's help me make custom Tshirts and vinyl Wall stickers before. They do canvas printing and were happy for me to go down and watch/help the whole process. A big print job requires a big printer and this one prints directly to the canvas. It was fairly straight forward, a program adds some margin around the edge of the image to

Lack Hacking

One day, I rested my lizard spiral pattern on my lack side table and an idea was born. I scaled up the spiral, found a fourth colour of 'Antique Pine', so I could add a plain/white border around the edge of the image and I was ready to laser cut and assemble. As usual I had to cut 3 different colour sets at once and then assemble them all back together, so now I have 3 Escher side tables floating around my house. This item is not available for sale. Each lizard was individually laser cut in the 3 different colours. I sanded the top of the lack table to key the surface of the table and help the glue stick to it. The border was rather large so I split it into 4 parts to go round the edge of the table. The four largest lizards interlock nicely with the border and hold it in place while the glue sets. Afterwards it's easiest to build up the lizards in rings working towards the centre. Once you're at the middle you can fit the centre piece with a