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Bigger Treasure Chest Lid

Time became a bit of an issue this week so I went for a very simple lid that rests on top of the box, made from 6mm birch ply it's very sturdy.  I turned up the engraving quality to make sure the thin lines on the design came out correctly. 4 little feet underneath locate into the trays and stop the lid from sliding off sideways. The whole thing is sturdy enough to sit on.

Bigger treasure chest

Every time I go to vale I get more treasure and I seem to need a bigger box to put it all in. This box is actually for the whole camp rather than just me so it can hold 4 times as much as the last one. It's a simply construction 6mm walls and 9mm base to cope with all the weight. A coin tray fits too snuggly in the top but at least the hand holds in the side let you pry it out again. I just need to finish the lid now and it'll be ready to go.

Shield of Arrav

One for the runescape fans, Eldritch has recreated the Shield of Arrav. The inner pattern is a straight forward engrave but we wanted the inner line to be a different depth to the outer lines. This is why I was experimenting with engraving at different depths. If I had to engrave the whole shape a second time it would have doubled the cutting time and taken forever. This way added just a few more seconds to the cut. The laser didn't get all the way through the 22mm outer, I freed it up with a knife to take a better picture.  
This project was done for Jagex and had a non disclosure agreement attached to it which is no big deal for me, and has the added advantage that the project is now finished and I can show you completed shields covered in latex and painted.

Disabled Sign

The last of the 200mm signs is this little Disabled sign. I'm not yet sure if these are going to be defensive or offensive items but either way it'll be fun to see them in action. While I was cutting I also had a repeat order of the larger signpostshields. Now I just need to recut the cupboard door shield but I'll be using the alternate engraving technique for that.  

Fire Hydrant Plaque

These signs are found in various places around the country and indicate that there is a fire hydrant nearby, they are yellow with a black 'H' in the middle. The figure at the top is the size of the main that feeds that hydrant in millimetres. The lower figure is the distance from that plaque to where the hydrant is in metres. I engraved the slots into the corners where the plaque would normally be fixed and I even made some slotted screw heads from 8mm material to make it look like it is screwed down (actually in hindsight this may be wrong, stay tuned)

Parking Sign

Eldritch is doing a range of post apocalyptic weapons so I've been getting all sorts of requests for odd signs and things. They all make great blog fodder. This is cut into 16mm plastazote foam.

Herugrim Dagger Guard

Based upon the Herugrim sword guard I drew previously, this one is much smaller and has the horses pointing outwards. It will form the guard for a LARP dagger which is why I cut 2 and they get doubled up to show the engraving on both sides.