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Lizards Revisit

As the Escher fishes came out so well I thought I would revisit the lizards but adding a bit of colour this time. The dark brown is wood stain, the white is where I sanded off the burn marks (makes a huge difference)

Paper Pizzaz 4

These 'Fold it swirls' are my favourite so far, the leaves lock down over each other so it doesn't pop up again and they look pretty good. (svg here)

Paper Pizzaz 3

Paper Pizzaz, Fold it flips. These look good but have a tendency to unfold so make sure the folds are well creased. (svg here)

Paper Pizzaz 2

These flower shapes were taken from the paper pizzaz, fold it ribbon shapes template. They're a bit smudgy because I stopped using the paper frame for the time being, they're cool but I think they could be better if the ribbon pieces were joined in the middles (easier to assemble too). (svg here)

Escher Fish

After the lizards came the fish, Escher gave us some wonderful works so it's fun to recreate them. This is all laser cut ply but I created the 2 tone effect by staining half of the wood before cutting it. This seems to leave infinite variations of patterns that can be created using the same set of tiles. (svg here)

Paper Pizzaz 1

These are my real bid for a catch up, Paper pizzaz do a series of templates that I discovered in the local craft shop. You draw through the template, cut out the shapes with a scalpel and assemble them thusly. Of course everything can be laserfied so here is the vector art for the shapes. (svg here)

Fridge Magnets

I got some funky sample material a while back and I've been looking for something to do with it ever since. these fridge magnets seem like quite a good thing to do with that sample material, forever reminding me of my mistake.

Laser is fixed and working

The laser is back up and running again. I replaced all the parts last week and took a trip up to Halifax to visit HPC on Saturday morning. Did I mention how awesome the guys are up there. Because I went up with my machine I was able to pick up a load of tips and ask them questions as I thought of them. The whole repair came in at around £200 which is much less than I was expecting. I'll start cutting again shortly and I'm finishing up some designs right now ready for cutting.

By my calculation I've made 142 items in 147 days so I've only got 5 days to make up which is not too bad.