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One of the stranger request I've ever had. Gradwell came round to see me this evening to test if it would be possible to engrave onto these crucifixes. The first cross is made of oak reclaimed from old pews which is pretty cool. I let the laser cut a hole in the right place and we used that to align the text. The second cross we gauged by eye which is why the text is slightly to the left.

Big Shark

I have a lot of corrugated card floating around from my materials orders and I needed a large shark model for the basis of a new project so I quickly scaled up the small shark model  and  cut myself a new one over 1m long (there is a join around the fin). It quickly enabled me to check that the scale is right and I can carry on building.  The blue foam is a different project again and came rolled up so this is the easiest way to get is flat for cutting again.

Sheep Trivet

With the Glowforge laser cutter currently experiencing at least  12 months of delay  in expected shipping dates, several wannabe owners have started practising their drawing skills in preparation. Jules drew this rather cute Sheep Trivet and shared the files with everyone else on the forum . She used the pattern from one of my flexible sheets  for the wool on the its back and I couldn't resist cutting it for her. One little sheep is now winging it's way over to the US in a parcel for her. 

Engraved Glasses

I engraved some glasses for a friend with images of block dice. This was actually the reason why I had artwork to put on the sides of the die I previously engraved, I just had to wait for a moment to put in the rotary attachment. Whenever I use the rotary I find I end up having to cut a jig to hold the glasses in the right place this is partly because no two glasses appear to be the same and also because I always feel like I'm going to smash the glass in the jaws of the chuck. It's a simple jig that can be cut from scrap wood and it makes things a lot easier. While I had the attachment in and some spare glasses I thought it would be cool to do some for myself. I chose to use the image from the top of my treasure box  and I made a left and a right pair.