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Laser cutter work

It's not worthy of being classed as a new item any more but this stack of iron man disks hopefully goes some way to explaining the slow progress on the blog. The Iron Man Workshop I ran last week was rather successful with 23 people turning up to make their own arcs. We even ran out of Mk2 plastics so had to turn some people away. Because of the success I'm running it again this Thursday night and I'm determined not to run out of anything this time around. I'm learning from my last workshop and preparing more items in advance, so now having made 40 kits in the last few days I should be able to cope with any level of demand.

Interlocked labyrinths

Combining the interlocking spirals with the labyrinth shapes I was able to make the paths/walls of a labyrinth large enough to become 2 separate items. (svg here)

200 Items

I held off posting an item here for a few days so I could have something nice and worthwhile for item 200, I finally found it when a friend from work asked if I could cut an acrylic panel to go in the side of his PC. He passed me the files and I gave it a try on a smaller item just to make sure it would look ok. This is my small version which is bottom lit by 8 LED's. James has promised me photos of his final build once he's completed it. 200/243

Square Labyrinth

The same basic key but squared this time instead of rounded (svg here) 199/239

Round Labyrinth

Thanks to Kitemans suggestion a few days ago I've been looking at labyrinths and boy they are a bit addictive (not such a bad thing for a blog like this but let me know if you get bored) (svg here) 198/239 

Square Coaster Twist

Adding a twist to the square coasters provided some other interesting shapes. (svg here)

Square Spiral Coaster

I thought I'd square off the spiral coaster to see how it looked. 196/237

Light box replacement

Some of you might remember my original light box that I quickly knocked up to take some better photos for the blog. It took a bit of a bashing in the move and never really got set up again (as you can probably tell by the poor photos recently). I realised I had an old roller blind kicking round upstairs so I mounted it under the new shelves and I can pull it down and use it as a backdrop whenever I need to. It should also encourage me to keep some free space on the bench

Shelving Finally

I managed to find some time today to put up some shelving in the garage. It's been planned for some time so it was good to finally get the stuff up. It's filled with boxes already but they are mostly empty or junk boxes, the whole thing needs a good sort out.