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Toothless Dragon Cake

A while back I found myself on one of Dinkydoodle Designs cake course where I made a moving BB9 cake , it taught me a lot about the cake making process and I used a lot of that knowledge in making this new Toothless Dragon cake. The electronic parts are simply a servo, arduino, neopixels and a sound recorder, all fairly common parts but I learned a lot making/baking my own cake. A 9 inch round cake was baked , cut and modified to form the basic shape required. Two crescent shapes were cut and moved up to form horns, the two eye sockets were added to the cheeks to pad them out a bit.  The cake was covered in chocolate ganache  to smooth out the lumps and bumps and firm the design up. Larger dollops of ganache further filled the gaps between the horns and the head. Chocolate Silk sugarpaste was used to cover the whole cake. A large rolled sheet was stretched into place, smoothed and trimmed down to the board. Details were added using rolled up balls

Fractal Puzzle Update

My kickstarter campaign has now been running a week and has a healthy number of backers, there is still time to grab one of the rewards though and get yourself a puzzle. If you like my blog then please do share the link on your own social media channels for me. I'm going to have a busy June making puzzles but it's definitely a good way to be busy.