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Vale Hourglass

I've started doing ritual magic at vale. It's generally a 10 minute performance where you create an interesting magic item. To time rituals more accurately it helps to have an appropriately themed measuring device so I bought a plain glass sand timer and built a custom cage to go around it. To line up the curves more accurately with the cage I took a photo of the glass and scaled it appropriately in inkscape, this let me quickly and easily trace around the basic shape to get something that holds the glass securely.  The decoration was quick and simple, just using some runes from the vale alphabet and their corresponding meanings that might relate to rituals and time.

German Caverna Trays

My Caverna Gaming Trays sell moderately well on Etsy , it makes a big difference to the game being able to pull all the buildings out of the box without having to set them up every time. I hadn't considered the fact that the game would be available in other languages. As a custom request I produced a German set of trays that will now go on sale as a variation in the store.