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EMF Camp and Blogging

I've had a very busy week preparing kits and packing pretty much everything in my workshop into crates and pallets ready for taking into a field where we're going to be running a laser cutter all weekend. So what does this mean for the blog? Weirdly I'll probably post more things, I'll be dedicating my entire weekend to drawing and cutting stuff for other people and I'll get to post it all from the site due to their internet access. I even managed to cut items for today but typically I buried the camera in a box in the car so now I can't retrieve the images. Should be a fun weekend ahead, feel free to drop in and say hi if you're there.

EMF Camp Go Board

EMF Camp is right around the corner and I'm already being asked to make things for it. This is a set of ten boards for the game 'Go' . It's a simple grid on top and I added an EMF logo flourish underneath, sanded and oiled the stack of boards so they'll be really nice to play on. ( svg here )

Marble Machine 4 Revamp

Marble machine 4 has been around for two and a half years and it's had a few tweaks to it but this is the first significant revision. This resolves 2 of the larger bug bears, if the steps are a bit tight they don't have enough weight to drop back onto the cam and if you flip the machine over all the steps fall out of the machine. A little flange was added to the bottom of each step, this catches on the sides and stops them from falling out. A ball bearing was embedded in each step, this gives it significantly more weight it drops down on to the cam much more reliably. Kits as always available from my store.

Two Tone Whistle

In my continued quest for a noise maker I revamped the previous whistle  to make it a two tone whistle (there are 2 whistles side by side with differing lengths of tube to make different tones). I also made this one from 5mm perspex rather than 3mm perspex. This is very much louder but I'll have to wait till the morning before I can let the kids loose on it.