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Project 52, #1

Mark this date in the calender as I start Project 52, 13th October. Item #1 is a simple pantograph design. It allows the drawing to be scaled or shrunk x2, x3, x4 or x5. A pen can be placed at any of the three points or they can be used to trace an item. The design was then replicated 80 times to make kits for an open day at Derby Silk Mill. ( svg here ) 1/1 Moving the nuts and bolts around between the holes creates different scale factors. Each hole is marked with the corresponding scale so put the bolts through all the x4 holes and that's what you'll get. The verticals are pushed into place with snap type joints . The frame has been etched with the Derby Museums logo as well as a little MSRaynsford logo on one of the underside pieces. I still need to bag up all the verticals, nuts, bolts and rubber bands but I'm waiting bags and nuts and bolts to arrive but that stuffs not even laser cut so it counts to post it now :)

Donkey Kong Upgrades

Even though I'm due to sell Donkey Kong at the end of the month it's been going through a few upgrades. Partly to make it more user friendly and partly to make it more portable. I'm taking it to the Game City festival in Nottingham before it goes and I'll be there on both Saturdays if you'd like to come and see me (DK will be there all week). So the legs are gone, it is no longer free standing but it is a much better height for resting on a table. The shelf that held the NES is gone, the pan and jump servo arrangement is now mounted directly to the board. The biggest change is round the back though, the catchment area has been replaced with a detachable hopper, so all the balls can be lifted back up to the top in one go.