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More Latex Items

Simon from Eldritch  is once again showing the fantastic levels of detail that can be achieved in LRP items when the foam is laser cut. I only cut the Fleur De Lis the fantastic edging was done using the Mandala Studios    Silvertail laser cutter (now in stock btw). I can't wait till I need some new LRP weapons I'll be headed straight to Eldritch to see what we can come up with.

Project #1: New 3D Printer, Part 1

For the longest time I've been quite anti 3D printers. It's a lot of time and effort to end up with a noddy little plastic toy that's badly ribbed along the edges and could often be made easier with alternate tools (like a laser cutter). It's really about using the right tool for the job though and there are things that 3D printers can do better. So I used my Christmas money to buy myself a 3D printer kit so I could fulfil some very specific projects I have lined up this year. I found a 3D printer kit on line that was very cheap (<£300). It's a variant of the Prusa I3  with a bowden extruder , something I specifically require. It would be very easy for me to knock this printer due to the poor assembly instructions but each time I think about but I find most of my complaints cancel out when I remember how cheap it is. All it really needs is someone in the UK whose built one to answer queries quickly and without the language barrier so I've decided to s

Signpost Arrows

Made from 6mm Birch plywood, these arrows will be painted up and attached to a signpost mad Hatter stylee.