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Yet Another Bartop Arcade Cabinet

  I rescued this arcade cabinet from a Leicester Hackspace member who no longer wanted it. All of the console components had been kept and the unit was basically a screen in a box with some additional LED strips. I only needed it for a single weekend event so I was fortunate that another hackspace member also desired the cabinet after me and he had all of the electronics components to go back inside it. My job was to simply wire it all up and make something to house it all in. I decided to make a stand alone unit to fit inside the hole where the old joysticks used to be. This 2 player, 6 button arrangement works relatively well, holds two usb input pcbs and a raspberry pi. This means it can be removed and connected to any other TV using the HDMI. I chose fluorescent green Perspex for the detailed artwork. The single lines really catch the light and show up well. I kept the engraving to a minimum on the circle details so that it didn't take forever to cut and the whole thing came ou